Expert cyber Consulting
Services and Workshops

The PRO services are carefully and precisely adapted to the customer needs, culture, regulations and procedures.

It unites a wide range of professional and consultancy services, covering the whole range of cyber management in an organization.

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SOPHIC PRO services

Sophic Pro offers a wide range of cyber consultancy & Workshops:


Cyber Organization for C-Level Executives

Cyber Security for OT teams

Rapid assessment

A quick, directional and efficient recommendations for next steps and prioritization of actions needed based on high level assessment of different cyber management aspects:
Rapid Maturity
Rapid Risk
Rapid Organization

Second opinion

A Fast, professional second opinion/validation of IECyber' cyber experts, based on material (reports, assessments, consulting) previously prepared by the organization.

Iot / IIot

End to end IoT cyber methodology advisory and planning, based on experience and deployment in highly critical infrastructure,

Sophic Pro customers' experience

Our Sophic cyber workshops are constantly evolving & updating alongside the new challenges Covid-19 pandemic brought to our lives.

SOPHIC PRO workshops are delivered frontal and online, adapted to the customer needs, requirments, type of organization, participants - number & positions, and more.

IECyber adapts itself with the limitations of the Covid-19 pandemic, to help improving the level of organizations’ cyber awareness & resilience, provide our "best practices", recommendations for the best activities to enhance the organizational cyber security, sugestions for battle-proven remote solutions.

Everything is done while following worldwide guidelines and maintaining the health of us all.

What makes us unique?

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