Advanced Cyber secure solutions for SCADA/ ICS systems.

Critical infrastructures are the backbone of modern nations, societies and economies. From energy to water, through health and emergency services- they are all becoming more connected and therefore, more exposed to cyber risks that can seriously impact life around the world.

As an isolated electric island in the Middle East, providing power and light to the whole state of Israel, we developed advanced OT SCADA solutions for critical infrastructures operators.



sophic access

Secure Remote Access solution
Allows remote users, including employees and 3rd party vendors, to securely support the most critical parts of the OT networks

sophic info

Securing the most sensitive file transfer
Secure File Sanitation and Transfer for worldwide SCADA Critical Infrastructure operators.

sophic zone

Cyber Validation Environment
Emulate, simulate, test and validated cyber-attack in a near-real-time environment

IECyber is the cyber entrepreneurship and business development unit in the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), providing a unique portfolio of cyber solutions and services – SOPHIC.

IECyber applied its exclusive knowledge and over 25 years of battle-proven experience within the IEC to develop a perfectly adaptive secure remote access for SCADA critical infrastructure operators across the globe.

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