Securing the most sensitive files transfer

Sophic Info allows Secure File Sanitation and Transfer for worldwide SCADA Critical Infrastructure operators.

Provides secure SaaS file sanitation and transfer solutions for SCADA critical infrastructure operators across the globe

Enable your SCADA vendors to send you installation and update files in the most simplified and secure manner

Maintain business continuity, especially during these times, when remote work is the new norm

The increase in both the quality and quantity of cyber security threats are especially worrisome when dealing with critical infrastructure operators.

Recent years changes have led us at IECyber to take a proactive approach against cyber threats and attackers who strive to exploit the organization’s vulnerabilities, with the goal of identifying and mitigating advanced threats by securing critical information and sanitizing all of the files that go through our systems.

Sophic Info
Sophc info by IECyber
Sophic Info solution by IECyber



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Sophic info - Securing files transfer

IECyber is the cyber entrepreneurship and business development unit in the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), providing a unique portfolio of cyber solutions and services – SOPHIC.

The SOPHIC SUITE includes cyber defense and cyber resilience solutions based on vast, real-life daily experience, gained in a challenging environment with the sole purpose of protecting one of the leading critical infrastructures companies and Israel’s only vertically integrated electricity supplier.

IEcyber applies its exclusive knowledge and over 25 years of battle-proven experience within the IEC to develop a perfectly adaptive secure file sanitation and transfer solution for SCADA critical infrastructure operators across the globe

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