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Industrial Cyber Security
IEC cyber consurtium
IECyber article
Industrial Cyber Security global event: IIoT & IoMT
Israeli OT cyber consurtium
the Successful Protection of Critical Infrastructure Cyberspace

IECyber represntatives in two facsinating roundtables.

The event covers major industrial Cyber Security topics, including OT, ICS, SCADA technologies and challenges as well the IIOT and IoMT. 


Rafael, IEC & other leading Israeli companies established a leading cyber consurtium to provide solutions against cyber warfare activities to protect critical assets.


New article by Mr. Moti Cohen, CTO & chief cybersecurity architect of IECyber on Critical Infrastructure cyberspace protection.


cybertech dubai
ICS/ OT systems & environments
IECyber webinar
Cybertech Global Dubai
Incident or Accident ?!
Cybertech Tokyo digital event

Lessons learned from the katest dramatic attacks: SECURING SUPPLY CHAIN

“The missing side of the supply chain equation”


Yosi Shneck’s interview for cyber observatory magazine.

The shifting to the ICS/OT systems & environments.


A facsinating webinar addressing the main cyber challenges of recent times.


Secure Remote Access

Sophic Access Allows remote users, including employees and 3rd party vendors, to securely support the most critical parts of the OT networks, efficiently and timely.

File Transfer

Sophic Info securing the most sensitive file transfer for worldwide SCADA Critical Infrastructure operators.


full SOC life cycle services: requirements gathering, design, planning, deployment, training & on-going support   

Cyber Validation Environment

Emulate, simulate & validate actual cyber-attacks on existing and future ICS (SCADA) systems

OT & IoT

End to end IoT cyber methodology advisory and planning, based on experience and deployment in highly critical infrastructure, under a high level of cyber hostility

Expert consultancy & workshops

Battle-proven consulting sessions in one of the following subjects:

Cyber for OT personnel workshop | C-Level workshop | SIEM/SOC/SOAR | IOT/ IIOT | IT/OT/VT integration | Cyber Organization | Cyber by Design

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