About us

WE ARE IECyber, 

The cyber entrepreneurship and business development unit in the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC)

Our mission

Empowering leaders to take control over their cyber challenges, enabling them to protect the 
daily lives of million.

We’ve collected 25 years of IEC’s cyber experience, insights, practices, tools and packed them into a unique cyber defense and resilience SUITE that integrates technologies with people skills and behaviors.
This game-changing SUITE of tools and services provides decision makers with the MOST EFFECTIVE CYBER PICTURE to enhance organization’s defense and resilience. We call it SOPHIC.

The SOPHIC SUITE includes cyber defense and cyber resilience solutions based on vast, real-life daily experience, gained in a challenging geopolitical environment with the sole purpose of protecting one of the leading critical infrastructure companies and Israel’s only vertically integrated electricity supplier.

Israel Electric Corporation

IEC, the backbone of Israel’s power infrastructure is responsible for providing power and light to the whole State of Israel, as an isolated electric island in the Middle East.

Because of Israel’s special geo-politic environment, IEC faces thousands of cyber-attacks, 24/7/365, and is one of the most attacked companies in the world.  

As a result, cyber security has been a strategic, high priority activity for the IEC for more than 25 years. Now, this knowledge is being made available to critical infrastructure companies and industries around the world.

For all inquiries, contact us

(972) 72-3434588

available from 08:00 – 18:00

Address Netiv Ha’or 1, Haifa, Israel

Email Sophic@iecyber.co.il

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